Welcome New Carrier,

Below are the documents needed for company set up and information you will need to share with your driver about our Macropoint Tracking system before full dispatch is sent to driver.

  • Copy of ICC Authority

  • Completed W-9 Form

  • Current Proof of Insurance with minimum of $100,000 cargo and $1,000,000 auto liability.

Our company policy requires that we Macropoint all our leased carriers. This does not cost you additional money. Macropoint is a service that we pay for that allows us to GPS track the driver through their cell phone while he/she is hauling our load. The location updates we get from Macropoint automatically update to our TMS system and are shared with our customer. The customer only sees location information no driver information. There are 2 ways tracking can be set up. The first option is the more popular and easier way to set up.

  1. We send your driver a text message that will give him/her instructions to call a number and press #1 that will start the tracking.

  2. Driver can download the free Macropoint App from Apple or Google Play.

Our initial Set Up Procedure is as Followed:

  1. Complete the packet set up.

  2. Provide us with driver name and cell number

  3. We will send driver Macropoint set up information.

  4. Once packet is complete and driver has accepted the Macropoint tracking we will send the full dispatch with pickup and delivery information.

****If driver refuses to use Macropoint we will cancel the load****